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About Brad Vieira

I find it almost impossible to be around paper, canvas, or any acceptable surface without drawing something. Art was always a fun and relaxing way for me to pass the time. I never imagined that I would go to college for art and be working towards a profession in it. The more I create, the more inspired I am to keep going and finish more paintings. 

My inspiration comes from the world around me and the dreams I have. Vivid dreams have always fueled my art and given inspiration to explore new ideas. Growing up I could never focus long enough on schoolwork to complete it in time and often my homework and papers were cluttered with doodles.  Even as I grew older and went to college I found my incessant doodling only became worse. I would sit down with paper to take notes and disappear into a daydream only to snap back to reality to realize I hadn’t heard a word but created a decent drawing.

These days I encourage the daydreams and allow myself to draw whatever comes to mind. These drawings are then put together and made into paintings. While I love drawing I find painting to be the best outlet to drain my imagination out through a brush.

Art is the doorway into the imagination of the artist and seeing through their eyes. Style and execution of those images is a culmination of thousands of hours of study and practice. Art is not always a person’s talent, rather it’s their dedication, drive, and hard work. Being an artist isn’t just inspiring people but continually being inspired by the world around you.